Amarisoft have partnered with Lime to provide a 4G and 5G cellular network stack that is complete with eNodeB/gNodeB (base station), EPC/5GC (core) and IMS (VoLTE/VoNR), which is fully software-defined and runs entirely on the x86 processor, providing unprecedented flexibility.



AWTG have developed an advanced operational support system (OSS) for the LimeNET platform, which enables full automation of network configuration management, network performance monitoring, and customer experience management. It enables a robust correlation between configuration, performance, and user experience to ensure mobile networks are constantly delivering the highest level of service quality and reliability.



Canonical publishes the Ubuntu Linux operating system which provides a solid foundation for the LimeNET software platform, together with hosting an app store that enables secure delivery for both cellular and mobile edge compute (MEC) applications from ecosystem partners.